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Last week, the government had already desired to come up with services for the short-term, however that did not work. Rutte said on Monday after an extra long union meeting that they had '' actually taken it an action even more''.

According to insiders, it is unavoidable that the bundle includes speed reductions. How drastic is not yet clear. The most severe variant is a general reduction of the maximum speed to 100 kilometers per hour on all freeways.

The ' environmental gain ' must be utilized to compare it elsewhere with nitrogen emissions from construction. This would make it legally possible to concern permits once again.


The question is whether the decrease of the maximum speed can be short-term. VVD party leader Dijkhoff specifies that it may need to be final.”The speed can only be increased again if you handle to attain nitrogen gain somewhere else.”

The fans of the VVD are concerned about the possible departure of all 130/120 indications on motorways. The group in the Lower House still needs to consider the last bundle and can continue with it.

The PVV, the biggest opposition celebration, desires an emergency situation law to momentarily park the suppressing ecological guidelines to discover more time for solutions that harm people less in the country.

The union celebrations are not providing any shuffle on this proposition. Governmental party CDA just desires an emergency situation law if the cabinet has not come out prior to Christmas.


Last week, the federal government had currently wanted to come up with solutions for the short term, however that did not work. According to insiders, it is inevitable that the plan includes speed decreases. Invalid email address.