Hall media varslar 160 tjänster – SVT Nyheter

In a press release, the Group writes that the savings are partially due to declining advertising earnings due to competitors from worldwide players such as Facebook and Google – as well as increasing expenses for newspaper circulation.

Hall Media'' s reporters are currently guarding Jönköping, Kronoberg and Västra Götaland counties. What the notification means for each newspaper is not understood.

All existing magazines will also stay digitally, however mergers are planned for printed publications. This suggests that readers will be used a thicker regional paper under a common title.

– We will certainly be publishing paper magazines for a while. I can not neglect an exact time indication, however my picture is that we will end up being a purely digital company, states CEO Mats Tidstrand in an interview with his own newspapers.

– We will not, of course, shut down the paper magazine, but will of course listen to our audience and set it versus the costs that the newspaper publishing requires.

Put down local editors

According to Herman Nikolic, editorial manager and responsible publisher, Hall Media might have fewer local editors in the future, however will stay in the area.

If the dismissal is performed in accordance with the now-laid notifications, the media company Hall Media AB will have about 190 staff members left.