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The Vision T is the seventh in a series of conceptual models of the Hyundai Design Center that expresses the worldwide style language “Sensuous Sportiness” by Hyundai. The Vision T Concept strives to be at the leading edge of the most vibrant SUV styles. It has best connectivity without limitations for different designs. The side window style is ultra-clean and smooth, with a futuristic frameless opening and satin chrome trim. These vibrant results are consisted of in the Hyundai logo style.

Hyundai reveals Vision T Concept, a plug-in hybrid SUV in AutoMobility LA 2019

  • Vision T is the seventh conceptual design of the Hyundai Design Center of the Hyundai Motor Company.
  • The Vision T Hybrid SUV Concept includes an innovative, environmentally friendly and compact SUV design that keeps practical dynamism as a central hub.

Hyundai has actually presented the Vision T Concept, a plug-in hybrid SUV, at the AutoMobility LA 2019 (Los Angeles, California, USA). The Vision T is the seventh in a series of conceptual designs of the Hyundai Design Center that reveals the international style language “Sensuous Sportiness” by Hyundai. “We seek ingenious services in style and include psychological value to our item experience through the sensuous language of sports design,” described senior vice president and head of the Hyundai Global Design Center, SangYup Lee.

This conceptual SUV has a matte green exterior finish and is powered by a plug-in hybrid powertrain that shows its balanced and environmentally friendly technique inherent in the environment in which it is driven.

VISION T style

Assisted by Hyundai'' s” Sensuous Sportiness “style concept, Vision T'' s design themes focus on the principle of dynamism. For that reason, the Vision T Concept aspires to be at the forefront of the most dynamic SUV styles. It is a vision of the brand-new style instructions of an urban experience SUV.

The side profile of the Vision T communicates a continuous sense of speed and movement. The long bonnet and the roofing line, together with a big wheelbase and short overhangs, reflect its dynamic character gotten ready for any action. Unlike the primary compact SUV styles, Vision T utilizes sharp geometric angles and edges to create a strong contrast in between the elegant shape and the angular masculine lines.

Dynamic spirit

2 aspects originated from the vibrant basic design idea are parametric fantasy and transcendent connection. For both elements, all parametric surface areas are connected from the bodywork to the lighting or upholstery functions. It has ideal connectivity without limits for various styles. Ambient light is shown in these concave and convex lines developing an extreme sensation of stress. The charisma increases with the advancement of an integrated optical group originated from Le Fil Rouge and Grandeur Face Lift. At higher speeds, the parametric air shutter is an initial development function that actively changes both aerodynamics and style.

Parametric air shutter grille design

When parked, the rack is closed and static. Once in motion, each specific cell of the grid design continues to relocate a prescribed series, creating a truly vibrant habits forward. This vibrant character includes the functional result of managing the circulation of air to the powertrain, enhancing aerodynamics and energy performance.

Integrated headlamps

When the powertrain begins, the dark chrome matte tone of the incorporated headlight system has a half-mirror effect that has a chrome appearance that transforms into functional lighting on demand. Hyundai designers raised the appeal of luminescent parametric style through concealed DRLs, while integrated headlights represent the next generation of this brand name'' s design development.

Vision T Profile

The side window design is smooth and ultra-clean, with a futuristic frameless opening and satin chrome trim. Large-size satin chrome alloy wheels include a big location to accommodate dark orange brake calipers, which show up within the five-spoke wheel style. The beveled sides of the tire spokes have a matt gray surface that comes down into the empty areas, highlighting the brightness of the faces of the satin chrome spokes. From above, a special glass pattern is engraved on the roofing system'' s glass structure. These vibrant impacts are consisted of in the Hyundai logo style. The H design is dark chrome; when illuminated, it is boosted with an intense green and intense red tone to view its dimension more plainly.

The sequenced lighting encompasses the back of the vehicle. When the powertrain is shut off, the taillights and the brand logo design follow a sequence of snuffing out the recommended light, the Hyundai logo being the last to head out.

The charging port of the Hyundai Vision T is situated on the rear panel of the passenger side body and has a moving cover. When charging, the words “Blue Drive” illuminate, suggesting that the system is actively loading. The state of charge of the battery is also aesthetically suggested on the exterior through a group of circular light, creating a cycle appearance when fully charged.