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Among the novelties that have been provided at the Los Angeles Auto Show, among them has actually been that of the Karma SC2 Concept, a spectacular two-seater electric hypercar, with four-wheel drive, geared up with a 120 kWh battery which will have autonomy of 560 kilometers.

It is a prototype that is in full phase of advancement, representatives of the North American business notified that the SC2 will be equipped with two electrical motors, which will allow it to have a power of 1,100 hp, with the impressive figure of 14,000 Nm of maximum torque.

Another of the data that could be understood is that to reach 100 kilometers per hour with stopped departure, this excellent model just needs 1.9 seconds, actually exceptional.

The Karma SC2 Concept is equipped with carboceramic brakes and has a pushrod competition suspension system, while the transmission system has been established and built by the company itself.

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Externally, this Californian model stands out for its elongated hood and its little cabin, which is entirely displaced towards the rear axle. The doors are of the “seagull wing” type.

The Karma SC2 is expected to be a showcase of state-of-the-art technology, as it is equipped with outstanding devices.

In this sense, among the most striking aspects is that access to the hypercar will be done through facial recognition and the owner'' s fingerprint. Among the fantastic technological devices, the Karma SC2 will feature 3D audio system and will be equipped with Drive and Play innovation, which consists of video cameras and sensing units that allow a 360-degree capture with the cars and truck moving. Upon arrival at the destination, the chauffeur can relive all the information of the trip using a laser projector, without losing any event of the crossing, just as if he were in a simulator.

Although the Californian manufacturer has actually not offered a specific date of arrival on the market for this prototype, it is estimated that it might be all set by 2022.

What Karma officials made clear is that the other design they are showing in Los Angeles, the Revero GT, is currently prepared for commercialization and will reach the market in the first half of next year. However that is another story.