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It is based upon a recognition innovation through the physical and non-transferable qualities of people traveling

The Spanish airport administration (Aena) has actually checked its new facial acknowledgment system in the boarding procedure at the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport, an effort that looks for to incorporate innovative technologies and patterns in the airport environment.

This system was carried out as a pilot project at the Menorca airport, where it had great results and passenger fulfillment, so it has relocated to Madrid for a 2nd test, as reported by Aena.

Facial acknowledgment is based on an identification technology through the non-transferable and physical qualities of individuals and allows registration from a mobile gadget with the applications of Aena and Iberia.

The system will be checked for a period of in between six months and one year and will be readily available for passengers flying with Iberia to Asturias and Brussels, which offers 5 daily flights.

This task belongs to the Aena airport 4.0 strategy, which promotes the testing, recognition and application of ingenious services that permit the provision of innovative and sustainable airport services.

The airline participates in the pilot project of facial acknowledgment together with Aena, Iecisa, Gunnebo and Thales, the companies in charge of establishing, providing and setting up the required devices for the awareness of the test, that include advanced file and biometric validation innovations for optimize efficiency in passenger gain access to time.

The director of Transformation of Iberia, Gabriel Perdiguero, has pointed out that facial acknowledgment through its application becomes part of the “linked operations project”, which will enable customers to have a much better experience in T4.

Other tasks such as the virtual assistant by Whatasapp, Iberia'' s skills in Alexa, the “Bag or Board” product or the chatbot service through the application are included in this digital change of Iberia.